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Emu Oil

All One Need To Know About Pure Emu Oil


Pure emu oil is one of the most sought out products on the planet; it provides a wide range of benefits that many uses for a myriad of conditions. Below are Ten Facts to understanding this awesome oil as well as some facts you could share with others.


Ten Facts

Emu Oil is one of the deepest penetrating into the skin oil on the planet allowing it to penetrate deeply giving more benefits to places other skin care cannot.


The second fact is that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, reducing such ailments to do with inflammation as wrinkles and arthritis.


The Oil from EOC contains large amounts of Omegas which mean it is excellent for you when taken internally, however always make sure it is edible grade. The omega vitamins also benefit the skin and body upon application.


It is a very effective anti-acne product because of its deep penetration, anti-inflammatory properties, and antibacterial effects.


Because it contains Linoleic acid and omegas, it helps with Hair Loss and Hair Loss reduction. It also reduces dandruff and psoriasis as well.


Excellent alternative to Fish Oil when taken in tablet form.

Excellent aid as a stretch mark reducer in women giving birth or those who are losing or gaining weight. Simply rub on the area daily to reduce the marks.

The product comes from the animal the Emu which is an amazing ratite bird that is native to Australia and can handle desert type conditions. The oil within the animal protects them from the harsh desert environment which is why so many benefits lie within its source for humans.

The product can be used as an all round skin care product that is not going to cause the body harm and assimilates well on the human body. Because of this reason, it makes one of the best skin care products one can buy. Only the best quality Oil is produced in Australia, but it can easily by delivered worldwide. The reason Australia has the best oil is that the pure emu oil is native to Australia, so the animal is affected by a change in climates.